AWANA Clubs ages 3 to 6th grade

Wednesday Evenings from 6:40-8:20


 What do Awana Clubs offer my child?

  • Biblical teaching
  • Basics for a relationship with God
  • A Foundation for a biblical worldview
  • Ultra-fun physical activity and competition
  • Bible memorization
  • Positive friendships
  • Support for parents as they spiritually nurture their children
  • In-club adult affirmation and encouragement
  • Consistent and positive training on how to thrive in group settings
  • Awards and recognition for accomplishments

We’ve designed a three-part program to maximize your child’s attention, energy and time.

  1. Fun and exciting games, unique to Awana, that allow kids to participate no matter what their skill level.
  2. Small Group Time with a caring adult leader. No one gets lost in the crowd. Your child receives individualized attention as he works through an introductory booklet and then an age-specific handbook.
  3. An interactive Large Group Segment where kids meet together to sing, hear a Bible lesson and receive awards.